I worked on the web site over the weekend.  It was a long difficult task.  The website is now operational and the domain name "maridean.com" has been successfully redirected.   The website was built entirely from free google applications.  If anyone wants to know how I did it please give me a call.

We are open to suggestions on marketing the B&B.  My current idea is to not market to the end user.  I think we need to find the people that are causing people to travel to CR for dental care.  So our plan is to get close to dentists in CR and try to develop a reciprocal relationship.  We are both offering services to the same people.  We should be working together.  We have many tools and resources to spread the word about low-cost health care in Costa Rica. 

The first thing that comes to mind is to get a message on the radio station in Santa Cruz.  We have an 800 number that rings in CR and we should be talking with folks that are interested in medical tourism.  Some radio advertising would give us an indication of people's interest in medical tourism.

Any feedback would be appreciated.